We provide spares, service and maintenance on all represented products such as tank cleaning equipment, portable level gauging, plate heat exchanger and pumps.
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Recommended maintenance intervals

Tank cleaning equipment Every 3 year Inspection of turbine and gear box
Portable level gauging Every 1 year Level certification
High Velocity PV valve Twice every 5 year Over hall maintenance
Plate heat exchanger Every 2 year Cleaning of plates and gaskets replacement
Centrifugal pump Every 2 year O-Ring, Mechanical seal replacement
Rotary pump Every 2 year O-Ring, Mechanical seal replacement

Example: Rotary pump

Rotary pump service process

Alfa Laval type SRU、SX、OptiLobe、SR、NMOG、HandyPump
Maintenance interval
Recommend 2 years – 5 years regularly maintenance

First 2 days

  • Pump receipt
  • 1.Dissemble and inspection

    Complete dissemble and inspection of each part

  • 2.uotation

    Issue quotation if parts replacement is necessary

Within 2 weeks

  • Receive order
  • 3.Issue spare order
  • 4.Cleaning and assembly

    Place order for spare parts right after order placement

  • 5.Running Test

    Running test confirming revolution, delivery head, delivery flow, leakage check

  • 6.Inspection check

    During running test the pump will be inspected to reconfirm if clearance is within the limits where after the pump is ready for shipment.

  • 7.Shipment

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