Basic policy for protection of personal information

Information such as Company name, personal names, email address etc., which Daiwa Hanbai Co.Ltd may receive through this site, shall be handled in the following policies under the principle of respecting the personalities of individuals.

  • Personal information
    Company name, division name, personal name, email etc which are provide in the inquiry form on this site.
  • Purpose of use 
    The above personal information provided to us are only for the purpose of being able to contact the customer as requested.
  • Handling of personal information
    1. The Company will strive to take appropriate security measures against loss or damage and disclosure of personal information through unauthorized access of collected personal information.
    2. The information collected will only be used for the customer intended purpose and will not be disclosed to any 3rd party unless deemed necessary for the purpose of fulfilling customer request.
    3. If the purpose of the inquiry requires subcontractors, the company will supervise the subcontractor with respect of handling personal information.
    4. The company will educate its employees in awareness and proper management for protection of personal information.
    5. We will strive to immediately update personal information stored in our database when we have been made aware about corrections.
    6. This basic policy and personal information protection management shall be revised and changed as appropriate in the turn of any events, establishment and abolish of laws and regulations.

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