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We provide spares, service and maintenance on all represented products such as tank cleaning equipment, portable level gauging, plate heat exchanger and pumps.
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Recommended maintenance intervals
Tank cleaning equipment Every 5 years Inspection of turbine and gear box
Portable level gauging Every 1 year Level certification
High Velocity PV valve Twice every 5 year Pressure verification and O-ring replacement
Plate heat exchanger Every 2-5years Cleaning of plates and gaskets replacement
Centrifugal pump Every 3 years O-Ring, Mechanical seal replacement
Rotary pump Every 3 year O-Ring, Mechanical seal replacement

Service (Marine)

Daiwa Hanbai have more than 40 years of experience supplying marine equipment to Japanese shipyards and ship owners. We have specialized in supporting ship owners and shipyards with marine equipment from European top brands. Over the years Daiwa Hanbai have gained comprehensive understanding and hands on experience with the equipment.
We are today authorized service stations for Pres-Vac Engineering ApS, Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem, and Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines.

We provide in-house calibration and maintenance service for Honeywell Tanksystem portable level gauges, operating/verification test and service on Pres-Vac high velocity PV valves, service on Toftejorg, Gunclean and Alfa Laval tank cleaning machines.

We do only use original maker spare parts for our service jobs securing the best performance of the equipment.

We sell original spare parts and makers recommended maintenance kit for all products, which we are representing in Japan.

We can provide the following service:
 >Qualified and authorized service engineers
 >Onboard pre-inspection
 >Service at own service and repair facility
 >Tank cleaning machine verification test in own test tank
 >Service agreements
 >Service assistance
 >Phone and e-mail support

Example: Rotary pump

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