Daiwa Hanbai Corporation Ltd.|Company profile

Company profile

Company profile

Company name Daiwa Hanbai Corporation Ltd.
Location Head office
2-10-31, Mitejima Nishi-yodogawa-ku
Osaka 555-0012
Phone+81 6 6471 4701
Fax + 81 6 6472 9008

Sales office
Daiwa Hanbai Corporation Ltd.
4130-5-303, R.K. Bldg. Totsuka II, Totsukacho, Totsuka-ku
244-0003 Yokohama-shi
Phone + 81 45 869 5075
Fax + 81 45 881 5171

Capital JPY10.000.000
Established June, 1975
Major sales items
  • Tank cleaning equipment, ISO-Mix (Mixer) (Alfa Laval)
  • Plate heat exchanger, Rotary pump, Sanitary centrifugal pump, manhole cover (Alfa Laval)
  • High velocity pressure vacuum valve (Pres-Vac Engineering ApS)
  • Portable level gauging, sampler (Honeywell Enraf Tanksystem)
  • Industrial valves, Instrumentation equipment, General piping material
Directors Managing Director Tada Yuki
Main bankers Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Kyoto Bank
Employees 20


1975 June
  • Founded Daiwa Hanbai Co. Ltd. with the purpose of specializing in sales of tank cleaning machine and related equipment.
  • Started in Shinmachi 4-11-18, Nishi-ku, Osaka
  • Domestic sales rights agreement with Danish maker Toftejorg
1980 Jan Changed building to current location
1988 Feb Appointed Managing Director Tada Yoshihide
1995 June Increased capital to MJPY10
1997 June Domestic sales rights agreement with Swiss maker Tanksystem
2000 Feb Domestic sales rights agreement with Danish maker Pres-Vac ApS
2003 May Alfa Laval acquire the Danish company Toftejorg
2008 Feb Establish sanitary division in Tokyo
2012 April All sales and distribution right of Alfa Laval tank covers, centrifugal and Rotary lobe pumps are transferred to Daiwa Hanbai Co. Ltd. New Pump workshop is established.
2012 June Start selling flexible composite hose from Dutch maker Amnitec
2013 March Tada Yuki is appointed as Managing Director
2013 Aug Tokyo Sales office established
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